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Cursuscode: VT830

Cursus Pools niveau [½ A1 – A1]

Cursus Pools niveau  [½ A1 – A1]
Cursuscode: VT830

This course is for those who already have done the beginners course (12 lessons of 1,5 hours and about 24 hours of homework).
For the course we will be using  the student’s and textbook HURRA !!! This book covers the levels A0-A2. It  contains twenty chapters divided in  120 teaching units.
The textbook “Discovering Polish. A learner’s grammar by Liliana Madelska and Geoffrey Schwarz”, will be used  to practice  the knowledge obtained during the course.
During the course all learn all language skills will be dealt with: listening comprehension, pronunciation, grammatical correctness, speaking and writing. Emphasis will be put on various ways of acquiring language knowledge: visual (simple Polish cartoons, using various games), auditory (CD), kinesthetic in order to meet the various needs of learners.
You will receive a homework after each meeting, (the homework will be set from grammar book: Discovering Polish). The time for homework per week is about two hours and it will help the listeners to repeat learned material.
The course will finish with a short exam, in order to revise the material. An Assessment will take place after five chapters from the book in order to revise the material.
After finishing the course you  will have reached level A1. On this lever you will be able  to communicate about with more ease and be able to use the tenses correctly.

Apart from the program, during the course you will have the opportunity to experience Polish in a real life situations using twenty eight short DVD films connected with each chapter of the book. Short film scenes presented during the lesson make the foreign language learning more effective and attractive. The films include the language used in  real life situations are also available in PROLOG Augmented App attached to the new edition of HURRA! textbook. Therefore, you learn not only from the book, but also in an interactive way.

During the course participants will have the opportunity to learn Polish using interactive materials `Survival Polish Crush Course`.  The main goal  is to learn  as much vocabulary and expressions as possible with the minimum of grammar using `communicative approach` as a main method used in my course. During our lessons we are going to have also interactive elements of the course such as: interactive assignments (group and individual); dragging, matching, slideshows, checkbox, crossword, audio elements. The subjects will concern real life situations such as: introducing ourselves, exchanging money, simple conversations in the shop, asking for directions, understanding menu in the restaurant, booking a room, etc. All these actions to make Polish learning easier and more attractive for all.

Zaterdag 30 januari 2021
12 lessen van 3 uur aanvangstijd 10:00 (klik hier voor de lijst met data en tijden per bijeenkomst)
Prijs: € 325,00 Betaling in 2 termijnen is mogelijk. (klik hier).
Mw. Dr. Dr. A. (Agata) Sowinska
Boeken: Hurra!!! Po Polsku!!! Volume 1 Textbook, Hurra!!! Po Polsku!!! Volume 1 Workbook (klik hier voor meer informatie)
10:00 - 13:00
Locatie: Online (klik hier voor de adresgegevens)
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Dr. Dr. A. (Agata) Sowinska
Dr. Dr. A. (Agata) Sowinska
Als een internationale onderwijsadviseur en een executive coach, is mijn voornaamste doel studenten zo veel mogelijk te inspireren en motiveren. Ik ben afgestudeerd aan de Katholieke Universiteit van Lublin in Lublin en promoveerde in mei 2015 op het gebied van alternatief onderwijs. Ik heb negen jaar ervaring als docent Engels en gaf ook Pools als vreemde taal. Mijn boek "Innovations in English Language Education", is gepubliceerd op de Katholieke Universiteit in Lublin, Polen. Van het boek "Let's Daltonize English" gepubliceerd in Dalton Media, Nederland in november 2018 ben ik co-auteur. Momenteel werk ik voor de Dalton International Dutch Foundation, waar ik de leiding heb over internationaal onderzoek in Nederland, Polen, China en Oostenrijk en het coachen van het proces van ´daltonisatie´ van scholen wereldwijd. Bij het lesgeven ligt mijn hart.